Medirex Document Server (LEO)

The exciting new release of the Medirex Document Server, changes the delivery of order sets and charting documents within healthcare facilities across Canada.

Medirex has been delivering process improvement solutions for over 40 years to over 250 healthcare facilities across Canada. Through all those years, we kept running into one issue: trying to provide the latest in print-on-demand and document delivery to smaller facilities. With lower budgets and lower output, these facilities specifically seemed to fall on the outside of the latest technological advancements; but do their patients deserve any less.

We set our programmers to the task of creating the tools needed to deliver print-on-demand and document delivery to any facility, regardless of its size or output. After 9 months, they came back to us with the first look at product we, today call, the Medirex Document Server (LEO).

This solution leaves others behind with its ingenuity, its design, and the integration of industry standard tools and formats all running of the worlds’ most stable OS: Linux. Why Linux? Our programmers showed us the difference in stability of the software and the server that would house it, if it were running a light-weight and powerful OS trusted by programmers everywhere.

Partnering this ground-breaking programming with our forms design process can deliver professionally design documents/forms to our clients; even those with small output.