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Medirex Smart
Carbonless Paper

Medirex Smart Carbonless Paper

The use of multiple part forms continue to play an important role in: admitting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, patient care, records management, and other departments. Medirex partnered with a leading paper and specialty coatings technology company to introduce Smart Carbonless Paper: the next generation of carbonless paper (sometimes known as NCR Paper) for the healthcare.

Designed for Process

carbonless paper (ncr paper) legibility
  • The paper comes in pre-numbered sets (or stubs) making it easier
    to keep records together (before and after).
  • A Symbol is specialty-printed on the sheets to inform the proper orientation for loading the paper into a printer tray.
  • The packaged sets weigh only 20 pounds to make it easier to
    store and manage for all frontline staff.
  • Eliminate the need for preprinted multi-copy forms (physician copy, health records copy, etc.) by delivering multi-copy forms on demand.

Designed for Production

pre-numbered carbonless paper sets  (ncr paper)
  • The specialty coating makes it ideal for use in high-speed laser printers, soft to the touch, and ease to handle.
  • Substrate permits handprint/handwriting to transfer all the way to the bottom of the sheet, so the marks are legible on EVERY copy.
  • Fully customized product line: 2-part, 3-part, pre-punched, ordered
    pre-numbered set, letter-size (8.5″ x 11″), A4-size (8.27″ x 11.69″),
    and the list goes on.

Process Innovation with Carbonless Paper (NCR Paper)

Medirex pushes innovation beyond just the frontline product. With specially designed document delivery software, you can further enable the Smart Carbonless Paper by printing the forms directly on the sheets; this is how we eliminate the need for expensive pre-printed single- and multi-part forms. Delivering the forms directly to the printer at any station is just only the beginning of the process innovation provided by Medirex Healthcare Software.
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It’s designed for healthcare processes. It’s designed for healthcare staff. It’s comes with Medirex Support; designed for you.
That’s the Medirex difference; one more way we help healthcare facilities improve each patient’s health journey.