Medirex Finance Solutions

Although clinical care is vitally important to a hospital, nothing can be accomplished without money. The finance department of a hospital is central to hospital operations, and Medirex offers a solution to make your lives easier. Medirex can help facilitate and streamline the finance process in any health care facility, including: accounts receivables, billing, payments, and more.

    • Accounts Receivables: Streamline your receivables and significantly reduce your bad debts by printing the invoices at time of discharge with patient data and triggering an automated system to track and notify for unpaid invoices. Have you collection team receive a detailed list of the bad accounts with all the necessary information; sorted and delivered using hospital codes and business rules to insure the right information is delivered to the right people.
    • Finance: Automatically produce your A/P cheques, conforming to any necessary standards, using our software. Apply business rules to the cheque data to produce cheques in different forms; adding different logos, automatically adding signatures, using different cheque stock, and much more.

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