Diagnostic Imaging

medirex solutions - diagnostic imaging and clinics

A Diagnostic Imaging Department, or Clinic, has great need for efficiency as patients are constantly coming in and out, producing a great deal of paperwork. Medirex software solutions enable these areas to do just that by providing professionally designed forms printed at Point-of-use (POU) and barcoded with necessary indices. Both the Medirex Enterprise and the Leo Print Server have the following modules:

  1. Registration – Keep track of and automatically produce paperwork for your patients when they are entered into your system. Produce barcoded documents that can easily be filed away automatically and stored after the records are completed.
  2. Archiving – Scan and automatically file registration documents after they are completed using barcode technology. Automatically store lab results produced by your systems in a simple manner, allowing for easy retrieval and viewing
  3. Finance – Automatically produce your A/P cheques, conforming to any necessary standards, using our software. Apply business rules to the cheque data to produce cheques in different forms; adding different logos, automatically adding signatures, using different cheque stock, and much more.

This process can be accomplished using both the Medirex Enterprise method and the Leo Print Server.