Our suite of software tools is designed to deliver documents, reports, and information to your front line
people. It is a platform independent solution that is easily integrated into most HIS architecture.

POD/POU is composed of 3 major functions:

  1. Input: Creates & Captures
  2. Workflow: Automates Processes
  3. Output: Delivers & Distributes


Based on your business rules the output can be delivered automatically to printers, email, image, fax or scan. Once the locations of each form or document are specified, we install the forms in each workflow and they are ready wherever and whenever they’re needed by frontline users merely by pushing the print key. If your staff is trained to design workflows then they can perform this function, alternatively Medirex will design forms and workflows.

This solution eliminates labels, plastic cards, and costly pre-printed forms while delivering clinical charts, financial documents, and consents (care and financial) from any HIS. Our tool complies with PHIPA/PIPEDA and all Federal and Ontario Provincial regulations. Clinicians and clerical people can print or reprint all documents or labels with demographic information (merged data on forms or blank forms) anytime, anywhere.