Ambulatory Care

Medirex Document Delivery – Ambulatory Care

Ambulatory Care, like other units of a healthcare facility, needs to constantly keep track of patients coming and going; the nature of Ambulatory care (from the time of registration to discharge, occurs on a single calendar day). Producing all the correct patient documents and ID bands when and where they’re needed is of vital importance. We offer a number of solutions to keep your department running smoothly, including:

  1. Registration: Keeps track of and automatically produces paperwork for your patients when they are entered into your system. Produces barcoded documents that can easily be filed away automatically and stored after the records are completed.
  2. Reprinting – Enables you to reprint those same documents with identical barcoded indices, merged with demographic data any time and anywhere.
  3. Archiving – Scans and automatically files registration documents after they are completed using barcode technology. Automatically stores lab results produced by your systems in a simple manner, allowing for easy retrieval and viewing

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