medirex solutions - inpatient

Once patients arrive in the Inpatient department, the need for accurate identification and paperwork increases. The wide range of customization in our products and solutions automate patient identification and records, making your life easier and allowing you to concentrate on patient care. Our solutions include:

  1. Registration – Keep track of and automatically produce paperwork for your patients when they are entered into your system. Produce barcoded documents that can easily be filed away automatically and stored after the records are completed.
  2. Medication Administration Record (MAR)- Keep track of all medication administered to a patient and use our pharmacy app to organize and facilitate the quick and accurate delivery of medications to patients.
  3. Archiving – Scan and automatically file registration documents after they are completed using barcode technology. Automatically store lab results produced by your systems in a simple manner, allowing for easy retrieval and viewing
  4. Eliminate the Plastic Card – Print patient demographic data on all forms and ID bands eliminating the need for plastic cards and costly embossers.

This process can be accomplished using both the Medirex Enterprise method and the Leo Print Server. ID Bands can be printed using custom coded reports design to work with your HIS. Utilize the power of the Pharmacy App to delivery medications and reduce delivery time by up to 66%.

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