Laboratory labelling is one of the most important processes for insuring the accuracy of identifying the right patient to the right sample. Confusion can occur as the most common practice is to use thermal print for the lab labels. As thermal printers can produce, sometimes, unrecognizable labels the identification of the patient data can be compromised. Medirex looks to refine and enhance this process by integrating our software, your HIS, your laboratory module and combining them with our innovative multi-coloured lab labels. This allows us to utilize your existing HIS data and deliver accurately printed labels, with all the required patient information, specimen container colour and any additional data specified need for the test or specimen collection.

How it Works

This explains the steps that take place from that point of data entry at Registration until the data printed onto the lab label(s).


Process Explained: Patient Registration


Patient Registration
Demographic Data is entered and then sent to the HIS system
• All patient information is entered
• Once completed, data file is stored in the HIS


Storing and Capturing the Data
The the Data will make its way through the workflow in one of two ways:
Option 1: EHR Encounter Data Stream is sent through
Option 2: The unchanged HIS Data stream is captured by the bridge tool


Test Ordered
The staff member (physician) will order the tests/specimen in using the HIS component
• The unchanged data stream will be captured by the bridge tool
• The Bridge will be able to access this information at the point of print
• Ordered test is sent to laboratory


Data Use and Application
At this stage the Data (Option 2) is attached to the labels.
Step 1: Based on the content and workflow, the data is sorted
Step 2: The data is entered into a label template based on Business Rules
• i.e. colour-coding for test, patient allergies, etc.

Send to Print
At this point the, once the data has been merged with the labels, they’re printed out of a specific printer in the Lab.
Step 1: The printed labels are attached to the appropriate speciment tube
Step 2: Once the specimen has been collected the barcode is scanned
Finally the collection completion is noted in the system


*Note: The printing processes are Industry specific and can be modified for any business or administration. The samples are based on the Health Care Industry.