Nursing Unit

Medirex has enhanced the Nursing process by creating a bridge between your HIS and merging the data stream with our innovative forms design. This is accomplished on the Nursing Unit by installing a web tool which pulls the demographic information from the HIS and merging it with an e-form. This allows our software to utilize your existing HIS data and deliver intelligent documents, with full patient demographic information and any additional information specified needed in each nursing process.

The workflow begins when the clinician opens your HIS Charting module.
This process workflow explains the steps that take place from the point until the data is merged and printed onto and e-form.


Process Explained: Nursing Clinical Unit


Nursing Clinical Unit
Clinical (or business) Unit opens the HIS Charting process (Fig. 6)
• A simple report runs within the HIS
• Forms are picked and sent to a Local Printer using MIDDS


Storing and Capturing the Data
The Data will make its way through the workflow in one of two ways (Fig. 7)
Option 1: EHR Encounter Data Stream is sent through
Option 2: The unchanged HIS Data stream is Captured by MIDDS

Process Explained: Nursing Clinical Unit


Data Use and Application
At this stage the Data (Option 2) is attached to Forms (Fig. 8).
Step 1: Based on the content and workflow, the data is sorted
Step 2: The data is entered into a Form template based on Business Rules

Figure 9

Send to Print
At this point the, once the data has been attached to an electronic form, it is printed out of a specific printer (related to area). The original data is preserved and attached along with barcodes (Examples based on Health Facility):
• Finance
• Health Records
• Doctor’s Initial Assessments
• Progress Records
• Laser Armbands & Labels

*Note: The printing processes are Industry specific and can be modified for any business or administration. The samples are based on the Health Care Industry.