Forms Design

Even in a world of amazing electronic advancement, and the promise of a paperless facility, there will always be a need for forms design; this need becomes increasingly more important. Medirex has developed new techniques for creating forms which allows us to deliver professional forms design at affordable prices. A big part of the our Forms Design process is converting your existing forms into a new standard, which takes advantage of a few key items:

We start with a template, which begins by identifying the patient demographic data and setting it in a standard location so information like: patient name, encounter number, PHN, admit date/time, and other important data is always visible and always in the same place from form-to-form. This, partnered with other techniques we’ve developed over 40 years experience in designing forms, helps identify and use the most pertinent information on any form with ease.

We further enable forms by barcoding information which is important for electronically archiving these forms. These exit in a variety of format from 128 to 2D; all of which Medirex has used to create a variety of archiving solutions for our existing clients.

By combining more than 40 years experience in Forms Design and more than 20 years experience in Software and Process Design & Implementation, Medirex helps healthcare facilities achieve their goals and streamline all their processes.