SuperSoft ID Bands

medirex solutions - supersoft id bands

The need to deliver quality care in a safe environment is a pillar of the Medirex team’s culture. We have been able to identify and remove barriers within our solutions resulting in improved productivity; we searched the world for different solutions to accomplish positive identification; we explored the banding process and the quality of the material used; we looked at fabrics, plastics, and finally found a material (patent-pending) that would provide the protection for our clients’ patient’s sensitive skin while delivering positive patient identification that will last up to four weeks in rugged and wet environments.

The result? A soft, water and chemical proof band for positive patient identification delivered from any laser, thermal, or inkjet printer. This band has been developed to meet the needs that our Canadian clients defined to us as their “best practice” at a price so competitive, that no other bands or labels are necessary.

Our new bands deliver in 4 key areas, instrumental in providing and insuring patient safety and positive patient identification:

  1. Comfort: the SuperSoft ID Bands are just that, Super Soft. Made to be comfortable for the most sensitive skin-types and tested without irritation, cuts, nicks, or sores for over 30 days.
  2. Waterproof & Chemicalproof: manufactured to be naturally waterproof; content is scannable and legible after over 10 days submerged in water and being wiped with common healthcare chemicals, all without the need for ancillary steps or products.
  3. Durability: made to endure activity and use more strenuous than required. We tested in more intense conditions to insure it would last for longer than a patient stay (proven to last over 30 days and tears horizontally for improved tamper-evidence).
  4. Compatibility: one of the nicest things about the SuperSoft ID Bands; print them from any standard laser-printers and eliminate clutter at your station caused by expensive additional hardware.

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