The Archive

medirex solutions - the archive

The Medirex Archive Solution “The Archive” is designed to be a cost effective method of electronically storing images, removing the need to physically store these documents.

The Archive uses barcoded documents produced through Medirex’s Print on Demand (POD) software (Medirex Enterprise or Leo Print Server). These barcodes represent key indices, defined according to your business rules, which uniquely represent each patient, encounter, and form. Using this information, the Archive can automatically put away your documents in a logical fashion, allowing for quick and easy recall of patient records.

After the documents are produced they are distributed to clinicians and written on normally. When the document is complete and no more writing will be added it’s scanned, the indexed barcodes are read, and the document is filed away automatically by a predetermined set of rules. When needed in the future, the documents can be viewed at any PC that has our Archive client installed, allowing for portability and universal accessibility.

The Archive can store records in PDF-A format, an ISO standard for document storage that ensures records can be retained for upwards of 50 years; following these standards means that as technology changes your records will be as easy to read as they were when they were created. As records come to the end of their life, they need to be purged. The Archive can be set to automatically purge obsolete documents based on your requirements for document retention, be it: 5 years, 10 years, or more, bringing the document life cycle to a close.