Accounts Receivables App.

Medirex has been improving processes for over 40 years and this solution is able to identify and remove barriers within the BILL module. This results in improved productivity, reduced bad debts and faster collections. The need to deliver best practices in patent care is a key element of the Medirex (MDX) team’s culture.

Working with various healthcare facilities (of varying sizes), we were able to overcome the confusion created by the Meditech output for Accounts Receivables. Focusing, not only on the final output, but dissecting all the processes related to Accounts Receivables. Invoices & statements, specifically, contained redundant information and were then distributed to discharged patients. Using a unique a server solution, we enable batch printing of invoices and statements, including automatically adding collector’s contact information and coordinates; this reduces the amount of bad debt within any Accounts Receivables.

Accounts Receivable Server Solution Overview

The objective of the AR application is to:
Documents Included:
• Improve cash flow
• Reduce collection time
• Improve the appearance of invoice and statement
• Reduce labour costs
• Improve service levels
• Reduce bad debts
• Patient Invoice
• Patient Statement
• LH01 – OHIP Reject
• LH03 – OHIP Missing Number Guarantor
• L101 – Missing Insurance Information
• Client Invoice
• Client Statement
• LH02 – OHIP Missing Number Adult
• LW01 – WSIB
• Collectors Worksheet for Collection Letters

Medirex Document Delivery – Accounts Receivables