Day Surgery

Day Surgery consists, primarily, of constantly keep track of patients coming and going; producing all the correct documents and wristbands when and where they’re needed becomes important. Each of the products listed below can be configured and tune to improve these processes with Day Surgery patients.


eForms Workflow Tool or Document Print Server (LEO)
From the point of registration, to reprinting armbands throughout an extended stay, these workflow tools enhance and deliver intelligent documents On-Demand or at the Point-of-Use. By merging the data from the HIS with forms and arm/wristbands, the tools insures the accuracy of patient documents, charts, and tests.


eForms Web Tool
Simply put, the Web Tool launches from an internet browser and helps deliver intelligent documents such as forms, doctor’s orders, bands, and labels. This tool, is different from the workflow tools above, and works in tandem with them to deliver this wide range of documents at Point-of-Use when there is no direct connection to the HIS (like on the Nursing Unit). Once the user has selected the printer, patient, and forms, the workflow tools merges the patient demographic data to those documents.


Supersoft ID Bands
The Supersoft ID Bands are the ideal choice for wristband in any department or area of patient care; however, they have an exceptional success rate in inpatient care and long-term care. The bands unique features (softness, durability, compatibility, and endurance) make it ideal. The naturally waterproof/chemicalproof material has been tested to insure legibility and scanning after 14-days of heavy use (beyond that of any typical inpatient or long-term care patient). The Supersoft feel of the band makes ideal for all patient skin sensitivities (regardless of age). And once again, partnering it with a workflow solution and you can deliver them On-Demand or at the Point-of-Use with laser-printed accuracy and legibility).

To learn more about our full suite of Supersoft ID Bands and labels, click here.


Professionally Design Intelligent Forms
Printing these forms On-demand, or at Point-of-Use is only part of what helps improve processes. The professional designs, hierarchy of important information ensures that the staff always get what they need from the form as quickly as possible. Ensure the information is accurate, deliver it 100% of the time, and you can improve patient safety in any department or process.


Laboratory Labels
Out specially designed lab labels deliver an new level of patient safety. When partnered with one of our workflow tools, and delivered from a laser printer, we can insure the information on the label—including patient demographic data, test type and date, specimen type, etc.—is all clear and legible to ensure the right test is done, on the right sample, for the right patient. This is accomplished through professional communication-design organization of the data made to maximize legibility of the important elements and colour-coded labels that match the test required.

Each of these products works independently, or in tandem to improve the Day Surgery process, improve patient safety, establish & maintain best practices, and help your facility deliver a higher quality of care. Click here to learn more about the processes within Day Surgery.