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Why Document Delivery is important?

The magnitude of change that is affecting health/businesses today is unprecedented. Difficult economic conditions, a broader set of business imperatives, and evolving technology requirements are presenting organizations with as many threats as opportunities. Document delivery becomes vitally important in this uncertain and evolving environment.

Fundamental shifts are taking place in the way people live, work, and interact. It’s becoming increasingly clear that innovative, forward-thinking organizations must do more than survive in this environment, they need to thrive. They must embrace new and better ways of doing business. Organizations must take a fresh look at ways to make far better use of the information and resources available to them.

In all organizations, documents serve to provide service and communication to patients (clients) and employees. In both cases, documents are often created and used to process a specific client event. A service request in which a work order document is created to provide service to a client or a patient presenting at a hospital for care in which many clinical documents are used to capture the patient’s diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, document delivery/management must include client and event/encounter information. Documents are created to support the organizations’ goals as related to clients and client events.

The full document life cycle must be included to support the major components of document creation, document delivery, and document archiving. Additional components include: completion, approval, distribution, amendment, and archive (cancellation and replacement under specific circumstances). The life cycle is represented in the proposed system; however, configurable installation settings will allow an individual client to customize the product for their own purposes, thus customizing their document delivery and their patient (client) event.

Medirex document delivery solutions (powered by the Medirex Document Server or eForms Workflow Tool) addresses this by delivering document solutions throughout all stages of its life cycle. We provide an integrated approach to consolidating all the stages in the life cycle of Information.

The goal is to provide management of documents to healthcare, business, industries, and government. The management of documents is composed of 3 major functions:

Input: Create & Capture

Management: Workflow, Business process management (manual & automated), and Storage & Archive

Output: Deliver & Distribution

Medirex provides a full suite of customizable tools designed to deliver information automatically, error free, and in a cost effective way to your front line people.


The Medirex Print on Demand solutions (Medirex Document Server and eForms Workflow Tool) is specifically designed to use laser printers to produce professional looking output; our wristbands, carbonless paper, and labels are optimized when run through laser printers. As a result, Medirex has a great deal of experience working with different brands and models of printers; HP, Lexmark, and Kyocera are just a few of the major brands we work with on a regular basis and we have many other installations that use Ricoh, Xerox, and many other major printer brands.

Different applications call for different printer capabilities, and Medirex has many years of experience choosing the right printer for the job at hand. Our printer knowledge is an integral part of tailoring our solutions to your unique circumstances and providing the most appropriate solutions for you.