Medirex Document Server — Enterprise Print on Demand at Point of Use

medirex document server for print on demand and print at point of use

The Medirex Document Server – Print on Demand & Print at Point of Use

Medirex Document Server is a full server document delivery solution enabling Print on Demand and Print at Point of Use to any healthcare department or facility. The impact of technology has changed the way we do work; it has created increasing demands on all frontline people to improve the level of care with access to fewer tools to meet the needs of more informed patients. The need to deliver quality care in a safe environment is a pillar of the Medirex team’s culture. We have been able to identify and remove barriers within our process improvement solutions, by implementing customized and affordable print-on-demand, resulting in improved productivity.

Documents do not live in isolation. They’re one of the most important vehicles for transmitting information between medical team members. The Medirex approach to document and process management addresses the need to deliver information today and tomorrow; this is where print-on-demand comes in. This approach leverages the investment your facility has in Meditech with a knowledge base gained over the past 40 years of successfully completing the implementation of thousands of electronic documents and records that over 225 hospitals, health centres, diagnostic centres and nursing homes.

This is a comprehensive document delivery solution putting the control over forms design, workflow design, and the integration of the two in the client’s hands. Medirex practices a hands-on approach with our clients providing the technology, proven process improvement, and training to ensure that the quality established and set in place by the Medirex team can be maintained by hospital (or health care facility) staff. Our focus is on creating unique solutions designed to improve healthcare processes and give staff the tools to deliver a higher level of patient care.

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