Print at Point-of-Use: eForms Web Tool (POU)

eForms Web Tool: Print at Point-of-Use for Nursing Stations

Print at Point-of-Use is an issue at the Nursing station because it is not directly connected to the Hospital’s HIS server; this means that traditional Print at Point-of-Use and Print-on-Demand solutions (like our eForm Workflow Tool and Medirex Document Server) do not work. We ran into this same issue when dealing with one of our recent clients and so we developed the eForms Web Tool for Print at Point-of-Use where direct HIS connections don’t exist.

The Web Tool has, preloaded, all the required Forms, Order Sets, or Identification products (wristbands) that your departments need and through a very easy to follow, and linear process:

  1. Select your Unit: browse a list of the available units in the system (customized by facility).
  2. Select the patient: the Web Tool will allow you to search through a list of currently active patients in your HIS.
  3. Select the forms: view a complete list of all the forms in the Web Tool shown in full or by department and then sorted alphabetically.
  4. Select the number of copies: change a number in a box to increase or decease the number of copies (default 1).

After completing these simple steps, each of the Forms or Order Sets are then print to the default unit printer and, to insure the maximum compatibility with the Tool, it is a web-based application, so opening it is as easy as navigating to a webpage.

For an better idea of out this tool works, take a look at the flowchart below. The ability to print Forms and Order Sets with patient data on them is one way the Medirex Pharmacy App moves above and beyond other applications.

eForms Web Tool Process Diagram