Medication Delivery


The Pharmacy Application was built in conjunction with a major Canadian health care facility. The goal was to reduce medication delivery time and reduce medication errors. The project used our patented forms design techniques to quickly and efficiently turn aging order sets into intelligent documents which allows them to be delivered, annotated, verified, and archived electronically. The result?

  • Reduced medication delivery by to 80%.
  • Reduced medication errors.
  • Sends STAT Orders to the top of an electronic queue.
  • Eliminated the need for storage of physically archived orders.

With the issues before us, we identifying various solutions to each of these and created a final product which directly address these issues in the laboratory. The result was a simple, laser-printed set of labels with clearly identified content and colour-coded labels to instantly identify test codes at a glance. Partner this with the Leo Printer Server, and you have a stand alone solution for improving the processes of identifying and testing samples without needing to undergo and expensive, time-consuming, and facility-wide change.

For more information about the Pharmacy App and the eForms Web Tool, which delivers HIS content at the Nursing Station contact us directly.