Medirex Print Server — Print on Demand

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Why the Medirex Print Server for Print on Demand

The Print Server offers a different approach to enabling Print on Demand in any healthcare department or facility. Where the Medirex Print Server differs from our Medirex Document Server is in the options; it the features needed to produce patient information printed directly on our SuperSoft ID Bands (or other Laser Printed ID Products); whereas other products, you will get a variety of options which will go unused and add unnecessary costs. The Print Server was designed, tested, and built in-house by Medirex programmers to offer print on demand to clients who don’t need all these ancillary options large Enterprise Print Servers offer. This combination of power and concise features, makes the Print Server the ideal partner for the printing the ID Bands (print on demand) in tandem with other intelligent documents.

The Nuts & Bolts of the Print Server

It’s built in a programming environment which is widely know for its stability and consistency. This is another area that we can control the cost; without needing an expensive commercial Operating Systems (OS), we can avoid costly machines for facilities that don’t have fully integrated servers or quick IT Processes.
It also comes with an easy-to-use forms setup tool, which allows the addition of data fields to any form added to the system. This is how it provides completely customizable print on demand.

The Big Advantage

When compared to other, larger print on demand software solutions, it has the advantage of affordability. Designed specifically to deliver the features needed to create POD in any environment, the Print Server is a realistic option for even the smallest departments, facilities, and/or processes.

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