Peerstorm Proofing Tool

medirex solutions - peerstorm Proofing Tool

A New Collaboration Tool

The Peerstorm Proofing Tool is an integral part of process improvement and the success of forms design; the unique process of approval can help any facility implementing CPOE the tools needed to fast-track approvals and edits. The key to this tool is the “Facilitator”; setting one (or more) person(s) as the facilitator insures deadlines being met by assigning responsibility. The second key to this tool is it’s completely online; collaboration and review anytime, and from anywhere with an internet browser. Lastly, the proofing tool is completely fluid in workflow assignment; you decide how your team works, who is responsible for what, and which standards to use for proofing.

Originally developed for use in Healthcare, the Peerstorm Proofing Tool was an answer to the problem in the proofing process. We recognized that the major obstacle to the proofing process was collecting all the proofs from a variety of sources. The Peerstorm Proofing Tool allows all users to collect their edits for a document or image in one place. See how it we used to proof Hospital Forms and Physician’s Order Sets.

Collaboration and proofing is only part of the system. The Facilitator feature has provided proven results with our clients and allowed turnaround time on forms design to go from years to 3-6 months. Every aspect of the proofing tool and the process of reviewing and improving forms was considered when Medirex began designing this tool. During the Beta, we worked closely with Canadian health care staff to improve it and provide the best in health care collaboration.

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medirex solutions - peerstorm Proofing Tool