Pharmacy Application

The Pharmacy Application was built in conjunction with a major Canadian health care facility. The goal was to reduce medication delivery time and reduce medication errors. The project used our patented forms design techniques to quickly and efficiently turn aging order sets into intelligent documents which allows them to be delivered, annotated, verified, and archived electronically. The result was reducing medication delivery times to by 30% compared to the previous and eliminating medication errors caused by unreadable patient demographic information and duplicate fills caused by multiple sending of orders (STAT orders that were lost in a stack the first time around).


Details of the Pharmacy Application

By using Pharmastorm components, imaging, workflow and document management technology, you can effectively support patient safety and staff efficiency goals in the pharmacy.

  1. a bridge to CPOE
  2. automates order management process to reduce medication errors and medication turnaround time
  3. provides staff with a real-time order status through bi-directional communications
  4. decreases nursing-reliance on phone follow-up
  5. leverages barcode recognition to support other hospital initiatives such as the EHR.
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The Solution addresses the main goal of hospital organizations, which is to improve the quality of care for every patient, including their safety, by allowing more time for frontline care staff to focus on the patient.

Key Benefits

    Improve Patient Safety:

  • reducing transcription-related medication errors
  • eliminating missing meds caused by faulty faxing
  • increases legibility of medication orders by scanning rather than faxing
  • Ensuring medication orders are filled in a timely manner reducing turnaround time
  • providing positive patient ID through use of barcodes
  • providing instant access to previous medication orders for patients re-admitted
  • transmitting paper-based medication orders electronically so they are viewed online
  • automatically prioritizing STAT and Routine medication orders electronically
  • order status (in progress, on hold, complete, etc.)
  • system alerts signifying prompt attention required
  • pharmacist viewing and verify medication orders online
  • pharmacist viewing and verifying medication orders remotely
  • searching and retrieving medication orders using multiple search criteria online
  • bi-directional communications automates process for order clarification between pharmacy and units (example: missing information)
    Increase accountability and tracking (audit trail) by adding:

  • user location, date/ time stamp on all transactions
  • set standards by applying myriad performance metrics to all transactions

Reduce costs by:

  • eliminating the need to file, store, search, and retrieve paper orders
  • eliminating paper/toner used faxing
  • eliminates two part form when porter or tube delivery is used
  • eliminates need to store orders offsite if required

O.R. Key Benefits

  • Eliminates missing meds caused by faulty faxing
  • Increase patient safety by reducing transcription-related medication errors
  • Improve pharmacy workflow efficiency by transmitting paper-based medication orders electronically
  • Streamlines pharmacy staff workflow
  • Helps ensure orders are filled in a timely manner
  • Increases legibility of orders by scanning rather than faxing
  • Eliminates the need to file, store and retrieve paper orders
  • Increases accountability and tracking by adding user dates and time stamps on all transactions
  • Encourage collaboration among pharmacists based at remote, decentralized or centralized sites
  • Eliminate lost medication orders
  • Elevate pharmacist and clinician satisfaction through more efficient medication administration and reduced redundancies