Specimen Collection

Medirex Laboratory Labels

After working closely with the Lab techs and Managers at a Toronto-based hospital, we identified and issue existing with the labelling of lab specimens where the staff were having trouble identifying the test on the labels for a few reasons:

  • Issues with legibility due to thermal inks.
  • Poorly organized information.
  • Confusing and difficult to recognize test codes.
  • Cutoff information from printing errors.

With the issues before us, we identifying various solutions to each of these and created a final product which directly address these issues in the laboratory. The result was a simple, laser-printed set of labels with clearly identified content and colour-coded labels to instantly identify test codes at a glance. Partner this with the Leo Printer Server, and you have a stand alone solution for improving the processes of identifying and testing samples without needing to undergo and expensive, time-consuming, and facility-wide change.

For more information about the Laboratory Label and the Leo Print Server, contact us directly.